Cannon Basketball

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Introduction to Cannon Basketball

Shoot some hoops in a unique way with Cannon Basketball! Use your aiming skills to shoot basketballs from a cannon and overcome obstacles to score big. This game combines the excitement of basketball with the strategic challenges of Angry Birds. Use your cannon to shoot basketballs and solve the puzzles at each level. You'll need to use your skills and wit to progress through each round. Aim for the basket and score as many points as possible with each shot. With stunning graphics and catchy music, the game will provide hours of entertainment for basketball and puzzle fans alike. The game has an array of features that make it an exciting and immersive game. The game boasts several challenging obstacles and objectives to keep gamers engaged and on their toes. You can also join other exciting challenges at Tap Tap Shots and Idle Basketball to experience more exciting new missions with extremely addictive levels.

Guide to playing Cannon Basketball

Use your mouse to aim and shoot basketballs from a cannon to collect stars and put them in the basket. Each level requires you to complete different tasks to collect all three stars and score a basket. Be sure to aim carefully and use as few shots as possible to get the highest score.

Additionally, players must aim their shots carefully and consider the physics of the ball's trajectory. Each shot counts towards the final score, so it's important to use as few shots as possible to earn a higher score. It's also important to collect all three stars on each level, as they contribute to the final score and unlock new levels. With careful planning and accurate shooting, players can successfully complete all 15 levels and achieve the highest score possible.