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Experience a new life in Bitlife

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a movie star, a doctor, or even a President? With Bitlife, you can make your dreams come true! Choose the life you want. Imagine you are a newborn, just starting your journey. As you grow up, you will be presented with countless choices. Will you study hard to get into a prestigious university? Or will you travel the world or even start a business?

The greatest aspect is that there is no incorrect response! Bitlife allows you to explore all the possibilities of life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You can even find love and build a happy family! You can become anyone you desire and pursue any endeavor you wish. This is a great way to learn about life and make choices that will shape your future.

How to play

  • You will create a character with information such as name, gender, appearance, family,...
  • The game will give you choices at each stage of life. You need to choose an action for your character.
  • Each choice you make will lead to different results. Think carefully before choosing!