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Super Brawl 2


What is the goal in Super Brawl 2?

Super Brawl 2 is a fun and engaging 2D cartoon-style fighting game. The game features many famous characters from Nickelodeon animated shows. You will play as famous cartoon characters such as Skipper, Rico the Penguins, Spongebob, and more, as you fight in fierce arenas against other powerful warriors. Are you ready to show off your martial arts skills and defeat all your opponents?

The goal is always to achieve the best results and win. Choose your character wisely, as each character has unique powers and abilities. By using their strengths effectively and seizing opportunities, you will be on your way to becoming a champion.


Move left or right with the arrow keys, jump with the up key, and block with the down key. Use Z to kick, X to punch.

Attractive game modes

  • Arcade: Customize your fight by choosing your fighter and stage.
  • Tournament: Progress through the tournament by taking on opponents one by one.
  • Tag Team: Team up with a partner and battle together in this all-new feature.
  • Survival: Test your skills by seeing how many players you can defeat with just one health bar. It's the ultimate challenge!