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Stick War


About Stick War

Stick War is a real-time strategy game with simple but entertaining stickman graphics. Your goal is to conquer other tribes and dominate the world. Your goal is to train your stick-figure units to fight neighboring nations and protect your land. To win battles, you must gather resources by mining, build up your army, and fortify your defenses. As you progress, you can unlock upgrades that make your forces stronger.

Stick figures come in different classes, each with their special abilities:

  • Archidonis - masters of the bow and arrow.
  • Swordwrath - skilled swordsmen.
  • Magikill - powerful mages wielding magic.
  • Speartons - expert spear wielders.


  • Conquer multiple nations.
  • Use various stick figure classes.
  • Enjoy an engaging storyline.