Basket Random

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The introduction about Basket Random

Basket Random is an entertaining sports game providing two game modes. It is time to participate in thrilling basketball matches and try to win.

In April 2020, RHM Interactive which is a famous gaming developer and publisher decided to release this interesting basketball game. This sports game is playable on the web browser and accessed on both computer and mobile devices. It is launched to satisfy fans who are keen on sports games. The developer announced that this game promised to bring players new features and engaging gameplay. Is that true? Let’s play this game now to check this out!

Ways to win basketball matches

At the start of the game, you need to choose between two game modes which are 1 Player and 2 Player modes. Then, click the Play button in the center of the screen to start a basketball match. It is a thrilling basketball match because you need to compete with your rivals to score more points in this match. If you want to gain more points and defeat your rivals, you need to complete two missions which are dunking and defending.

There are two basketball players on a team. One member will be responsible for defending. The goal of defending in basketball is to stop your enemies from throwing the ball into your basket and break the scoring opportunity of your rivals. Normally, the defender in basketball often stands near the hoop. When you control the defender, you need to guide him to jump as high as possible to get the ball back.

Another player on your team will be responsible for dunking to score. You must take control of this player to make impressive slam dunks to gain many points. First, if your rivals are holding the ball, you must come close to them and steal it. Next, throw the ball into your rival’s basket in order to gain one point. In contrast, if your rivals also make a slam dunk, they will gain one point. Moreover, if the ball flies out of the basketball court, your rival also gets one point. Therefore, do not make any mistakes and try to prevent your foes from scoring. Attempt to gain a score of five first to become the victor.

How to control


Use a W key to control the character to jump.


Use a UP ARROW key to control the character to jump.

Distinctive features of Basket Random that impress you

As its name suggests, everything in this game is random. The physical characteristics, basketball courts, and balls will be chosen at random. After you or your rival score one point, the basketball court, physical features, and the ball will change. This will bring an interesting experience while playing basketball.

Physical characteristics

The characters of this game have a lot of changes after each match. Specifically, their physical characteristics will alter remarkably. Here is the list of physical characteristics of the characters in this game.

  • Big Head: It is possible to say that big head is a harmless characteristic as it does not affect the dunking and defending abilities of the characters. Therefore, don’t worry if your characters have a big head.
  • Long Arm: The characters with long arms can steal the ball from the rivals’ hands in an easy way. Moreover, with long arms, they can throw the ball into the hoop at a far distance.
  • Short Arm: Controlling the characters with short arms may be a challenge for you as they cannot make a dunk at a far distance. I advise you to guide them to approach your rival’s hoop and then throw the ball into it. Moreover, the defenders with short arms find it difficult to prevent the ball.

Various basketball courts

One recognizable thing in this game is the change of the basketball court. The court can be located in the city, gymnasium, or near the beach. Moreover, the basketball court can be a snowy yard. Moreover, the basketball match can take place in the day or at night. It is interesting, right?

Additionally, the features of the hoop also change. The hoop can be large or short. It is an opportunity for you as the ball can easily fall into a large or short hoop. However, if the hoop is long, it may be challenging for you to make a slam dunk.

Kinds of balls

There are three kinds of balls that can be chosen at random in each basketball match. Because each ball has a distinct feature, you must apply different methods when hitting different balls.

  • Basketball: It is a normal ball that does not influence your performance.
  • Heavy Ball: This iron ball is fairly heavy. As a result, it cannot fly high or far. If you want to throw this ball into the hoop, you must stand near the hoop.
  • Light Ball: Because this ball is so light, it can fly out of the basketball court if you hit it too hard. One tip is to throw this ball at the hoop from a far distance.

Two game modes of Basket Random

The first thing of this game that will appeal to you is the game modes which are the 1-Player and 2-Player modes. You can freely select one of them before entering a basketball match.

The 1-Player Mode

This mode is designed for players who enjoy this game alone. If you choose this mode, your rival in every basketball match will be the CPU. Computer players are programmed with professional basketball skills, so it is possible to say that they are formidable enemies. However, it is also a chance for you to practice your skills because you can learn many things from the computer players.

The 2-Player Mode

The second mode in this game is the 2-Player mode which is suitable for you to play with your friends. If you choose this mode, your opponents will be your friends instead of the computer player. Moreover, you and your friend can use the same device to play the game. Let’s defeat your friends to prove that you are the king of basketball. Playing the 2-Player mode with your friends is also an opportunity to tighten your friendship.

Basketball Random

In my opinion, Basketball Random is a great sports game with simple controls. Just press one button to jump and throw the ball into the hoops. I played this game and got addicted when playing the game for the second time. Therefore, I want to give you some real reviews about this interesting sports game. The first thing we should recommend is its graphics. The game has a great and unique look. The graphics in this game are colorful and stunning, so it can appeal to every player. In addition, the gameplay of this game is addicting and its scoring system is fair. Besides, the sound effects in this game are realistic and energetic. The crowd cheering sound effect in the game makes me more excited during the basketball match. In a nutshell, this game is one of the best sports games that you must try once in your life.