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Retro Bowl


Information about Retro Bowl

If you are a football fan, you cannot ignore the Retro Bowl game. Grow your team to become stronger. Get excellent placement and get rewards for your teammates. This is a classic American-style football match simulation sports game. The game is developed by New Star and it is becoming more and more popular in 2021. Become good leaders in the future to help your team shine in the stands. The game offers unique and attractive graphics that attract people, especially football enthusiasts. You can unlock more teams, and new playgrounds when you are eligible to unlock.

How to control

  • Space: To start participating in the match
  • WASD: To move players
  • Left mouse: To throw the ball back and forth between the teams

Instructions for playing Retro Bowl

There are two teams playing against each other, each with eleven players. In the match, the side with the highest score wins. Imagine that there are a lot of fans below you and what you need to do is do your part well. You can play as a coach or you can also play as a team member.

Manage your team and strategize competitively to win every match. Choose your favorite team and customize your character change. You can change the name, shirt, or position of each character according to different preferences. You can also customize the interface color of the game to your liking. You can play this game on your phone or computer. It is very easy to play and control.

Inspiration from the game name

The developer wants to inspire and bring the game closer to people. According to his analysis, the word "Retro" is likened to the interface image of the game, very classic and simple but equally attractive and full of sophistication. The word "Bowl" is understood in a deeper meaning that is the Super Bowl, which is a hugely popular competition in the American Rugby village.