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Little Runmo


About Little Runmo

Little Runmo is a colorful and cute 2D platformer adventure game. You will play as a small character named Runmo and complete various challenges. The game is inspired by a short animated film, the game follows the journey of Runmo, a character with frog-like movements. As you guide Runmo through a sunny world filled with platforms and enemies, you'll encounter a puzzling obstacle. Please read the wooden board called Pikit carefully for easy instructions.

Instructions for playing Little Runmo

  • When Runmo encounters a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, keep an eye out for Pikit, a friendly wooden board nearby. Interact with Pikit using the up arrow key or the W key. Pikit not only saves your progress as checkpoints but also provides valuable instructions.
  • Runmo faces many different dangers in his quest. If he touches something dangerous or encounters an enemy, he will lose his life. He respawns at the nearest checkpoint. To defeat enemies, have Runmo stomp on their heads.


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Click to jump
  • Keys K + L to jump high and fly
  • Press the S key to crouch
  • Press the F key to play the game full-screen
  • Press the P key to view options