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Ragdoll Archers


Introducing Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archers is an online archery action game with a stick figure modeled after ragdoll physics. This makes each scene very humorous and fun. This game challenges players to demonstrate precision and strategic thinking. Players are in for an intense and crazy battle, steering their stickman characters through challenging archery rounds to claim the coveted crown of victory. Your stickman faces countless enemies and your score depends on how many opponents you can take down. Target your weak spots to maximize your impact.

Whether it's the epic battles of Stickman Epic Battle, the archery challenges in Stickman Bow 3, or the dungeon adventures of Archer in Dungeons, there's a world of crazy and challenging experiences waiting to be explored.

What is your mission in this game?

In this physics-based shooting game, you control a stickman armed with an endless supply of arrows. Your mission is to defeat as many opponents as possible and claim the victory crown. The player will control an archer and use bows and arrows to shoot enemies. Enemies in the game include other stickmen, as well as different types of monsters. Players can use different types of arrows against enemies, such as regular arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, and many more.

Game Modes

Single-player Mode

  • Click and hold the left mouse button to position your stickman.
  • Move the mouse for accurate aiming.
  • Watch the power status in the blue bar to adjust the shooting force.
  • Release the mouse button to unleash your arrow.
  • Use the spacebar to make your stickman jump and avoid self-inflicted injuries.

PvP Mode

  • Face off against another player in five intense rounds.
  • Player 1 (left side): Use WASD to aim and attack, left shift to jump.
  • Player 2 (right side): Utilize arrow keys and right shift to jump.
  • Coordinate your moves wisely to outsmart your opponent.

Two-player Mode

  • Join forces with a friend for teamwork.
  • Similar controls to PvP mode, encouraging collaborative play.

Key Features

Colorful Stickman Showdown

  • Two factions confront each other in a bow-and-arrow battle.
  • Stickman characters have two color bars: red for blood and blue for shooting power.

Survival Challenge

  • Your task is to keep your stickman alive by preserving the highest remaining blood bar.
  • Opponent arrows reduce the red blood bar, and when it hits zero, the game is lost.

Regain Health with Fruity Shots

  • Shoot floating fruit to help your stickman regain lost blood.
  • Watch out for bombs in the battle map that can explode if you shoot them - stay alert!

Shooting Power Management

  • The blue bar represents shooting power, determining the arrow's reach.
  • Strength points recover over time the more rest time, the more points you regain.
  • Avoid rapid shooting to maintain power and hitting efficiency.

Protective Accessories

  • Stickmen sometimes come equipped with helmets, iron shields, compound bows, and more.
  • These accessories boost defensive power.
  • If your opponent has protective gear, strategically shoot to separate them from their support.

Pro Tips for Success

  • Aim your stickman's arrow directly at your opponent's head.
  • The head is a fatal weakness, and a strong arrow can lead to an instant knockout.
  • Control your stickman to shoot multiple arrows at the same part of your opponent.
  • This weakens the enemy's strength, giving your character an advantage for an easier win.
  • Don't let your stickman shoot multiple arrows at once.
  • Rapid shooting drains your stickman's strength, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Be cautious every time you command your stickman to shoot an arrow.
  • Resist the temptation to focus too much on collecting floating fruits for health.
  • Constantly going for fruit can distract your control, making your stickman vulnerable to attacks and potential loss.

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