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Geometry Dash Wave


About Geometry Dash Wave

In Geometry Dash Wave, you will experience the new wave mode at this level. Your goal is to control the wave through obstacles and reach the finish line safely. Master the waves! You will need to time your movements just right to avoid obstacles and continue surfing. Plus, you can even design your own levels and share them with friends! It's a creative way to keep the fun going.

How to play and features

How to play

  • You control a wave-shaped icon that moves continuously vertically.
  • The goal of the game is to control the wave to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line safely.
  • Players need to use touch and hold the screen to control the wave moving up or down.
  • Pay attention to the rhythm of the music to predict the location of obstacles and control the wave accurately.


  • New game mode with a unique control mechanism.
  • 30 levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The background music is vibrant and catchy.
  • Beautiful graphics and impressive effects.
  • Leaderboard to compare achievements with other players.