Idle Basketball

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Can you become a basketball tycoon in Idle Basketball?

Take a shot at becoming the top basketball mogul in Idle Basketball! Upgrade your team to maximize profitability and become a basketball tycoon! In this basketball-themed idle game, you have the opportunity to turn your love for the sport into a profitable venture. The basketball hoop on the court is more than just a symbol of the game, it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped into. With your skill and accuracy, you can earn cash every time the ball goes through the hoop. Use your earnings to buy new players and upgrade their abilities, making them even more profitable with each shot. With simple gameplay and addictive mechanics, Basket Swooshes is another choice for basketball fans.

The principles of Idle Basketball

Start small by shooting hoops on a humble neighborhood court, but soon you'll be upgrading your player's speed, accuracy, and cash per shot to maximize profits. Level up to unlock new shooters and grow your basketball empire. Earn cash by shooting hoops in the fun and addictive idle game, Idle Basketball. Upgrade your player's stats such as cash per shot, accuracy, speed, and crit chance to become the top dog. Develop these stats to their fullest potential and watch your earnings grow. As you progress, you will face tougher opponents and more challenging obstacles, but with careful planning and investment, you can turn your team into a championship-winning money-making machine. With patience and focus, you can become a basketball tycoon. Good luck and have fun playing!