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Spend Elon Musk Money


Elon Musk's Spending Money is a game of spending money like a billionaire. You will be spending a huge amount of money up to 160 billion USD.

Ways to have fun

  • Virtual marketplace with everything to buy and experience.
  • You have access to Elon Musk's virtual assets and your mission is to spend it all!
  • Start exploring different categories, stores, and vendors to see what catches your attention.
  • Click or tap on items to purchase them. You can choose anything from real-world gifts to futuristic gadgets and even magical things.
  • Think about making smart investments or engaging businesses to make your spending more efficient.
  • Track how much you spend and see how quickly you can drain Elon's assets.
  • Unlock special achievements to reach certain spending goals or make especially lavish purchases.
  • While the goal is to spend it all, you should also think about your choices to get the most out of the experience.


  • Use your mouse to interact with items and make purchases.
  • Explore the virtual market by clicking or tapping on different areas.

Main function

  • Enjoy the thrill of managing huge virtual assets.
  • Encounter a plethora of items, services, and opportunities to spend money.
  • Think about the consequences of every purchase to spend wisely.