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Tap Tap Shots


Are you a fan of basketball games? Come to Tap Tap Shots and show off your basketball skills! Make the most professional and classy offers to score yourself.

Instructions for playing Tap Tap Shots

You will control the basketball so that it can jump into the basket and score yourself. Let's create force and align the ball in the most accurate way. You will lose a lot of time if you do not align the ball properly, time is limited and you will end up when you have not completed the task. The time bar will be refreshed when you go to a new level. Every time you increase the level of the game, the level of fast and high jump of the ball will be higher, requiring your throwing skills more. The more you double-click, the higher and farther you will fly. Each successful throw into the basket, the player will gain points and progress to new challenges with increasing difficulty. Enter your name after completing the game to register yourself with many other players around the world.

Here are a few tips for you

  • Try to adjust the force moderately when tossing the ball because the power you create is too large or too weak will backfire and prevent the ball from falling into the basket
  • Align the balloon angle and choose the right position to throw the basketball easily and quickly before time runs out
  • Score the ball as much as you will get a high score and don't forget to register yourself in the weekly leaderboard

The attractive features of the game bring

  • Controls are very easy to play
  • The height of the basketball basket will be updated and changed continuously in each game screen
  • The game is played on many other platforms
  • Single player mode