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Elastic Man



Elastic Man is an entertaining game that helps players reduce stress while playing with soft, elastic effects. Properly elongate the man's face. It's an easygoing game designed for stress relief. No tasks, no challenges - just pure relaxation. Using your mouse, drag and pinch the character's face as you please. Click and drag, release, and watch the face return to its original state. Simple controls, endless fun, and suitable for all ages. The eyes often called the windows of the soul, are big circles that bring joy and laughter. Control your cursor, and the man's eyes will follow its direction, creating a cute and exciting experience. His always-open mouth adds to the game's lovable and funny vibe.

How to Play

Click and drag the mouse to play with the face. Release it to see the face return to its original position. Pressing on the elastic side also allows you to create funny shapes. It's that simple! There is no goal to complete, this game only aims to create a comfortable platform for users to relax and let go of negativity. Get ready to have a fun and relaxing time with Elastic Man - your perfect stress-relieving companion. Have fun!


  • Fascinating and fun gameplay
  • Enjoyable and easy controls
  • High-quality graphics and superb effects
  • A great way to reduce stress
  • No missions or challenges, just pure relaxation