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7 votes 3.5/5

Geometry Dash Lite


Enjoy music your way

With levels uniquely designed according to rhythm, Geometry Dash Lite brings you wonderful moments of entertainment and helps train many skills for players. In this game, you will guide a square through difficult obstacles and exciting levels. Your mission is to reach the end of each level without crashing into anything. Sounds easy, right? Well, get ready for a wild ride because this game is full of surprises!


Attractive soundtrack

The music in this game is really great! It fits the game perfectly, making every jump and move extremely fun. With every beat, you'll feel like a rhythm superstar!

Great customization

Make your square stand out from the crowd with fun customization options! You can change its color, choose different icons, and even add little lines to make it look completely unique. Show off your style as you progress through each level in style!

Create your own levels

In the customization section, you can allow yourself to create your own challenges. Add obstacles, choose your favorite music and share your creations with friends. It's like being a game designer!

Achievements and rewards

Complete achievements and unlock special rewards! Collect stars to unlock even more fun to customize your square and make it truly yours. Show off your skills and show off your achievements to everyone.