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Soccer Skills World Cup


Your goal in Soccer Skills World Cup

Control your ball while playing Soccer Skills World Cup! The game gives you many great football experiences. Prepare yourself with a spirit of steel. Your goal is to outscore your opponents and secure victory. Are you prepared for the heart-pounding matches in this game? Unlike traditional football games where you control a single character, Soccer Skills World Cup presents a thrilling challenge by putting you in charge of navigating all players on the field. However, fear not! You won't have to maneuver every player simultaneously. Your control will be focused on the character who possesses the ball. As soon as another player makes contact with the ball, your control will seamlessly shift to that player. Get ready to showcase your skills and lead your team to glory in Soccer Skills World Cup!

Exciting game modes in Soccer Skills World Cup

Practice Mode

Enhance your skills and master the gameplay of this football game in Practice Mode. Without an opposing team, you can solely focus on perfecting your abilities, from dribbling to passing and shooting the ball.

Play Cup Mode

Having honed your skills in Practice Mode, it's time to join an official tournament in Play Cup Mode. Compete against other teams in the intense World Cup qualifiers. Secure a victory to earn your ticket to the final round, where the ultimate prize, the cup, awaits.

Multiplayer Mode

In Multiplayer Mode, you won't be alone on the field. Compete against gamers from around the world in thrilling multiplayer matches. Customize your team's formation and make strategic tweaks to gain an edge over your opponents. Keep in mind that joining a match requires an entry fee in the form of points. However, the rewards are worth it, as a triumphant victory can lead to valuable prizes.