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Age Of War


Age of War is a real-time strategy game. You must defend your base and destroy your opponents' bases in five different eras using time-based tools and weapons.


  • Stone Age, Castle Age, Renaissance Age, Modern Age, and Future Age. Each age has its own unique environment and weaponry.
  • Your objective is to safeguard your base while simultaneously destroying the enemy's base.
  • You can accomplish this by constructing turrets, deploying various defenses around your base, and expanding your army.
  • You have access to 16 distinct units, each with a unique price. You'll earn money and experience throughout the game, which you can use to strategically purchase them.
  • Two special attacks, artillery strikes, and raining rocks, can be used. When a large number of enemy units are approaching, these special attacks are most effective.
  • To win, carefully plan your assault and dispatch your soldiers strategically to destroy the opponent's base.

Tips for Playing

  • Choose a difficulty level that aligns with your skill level.
  • Keep an eye on the health bars of your soldiers and base if the health bar reaches zero, you lose the game.
  • Strategically construct your defenses and position your turrets to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Use your special attacks judiciously, especially when facing large groups of enemies.
  • Experiment with different unit combinations to find what works best for you.