Blumgi Ball

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Description of Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball is a basketball game with a unique combination of platforming and puzzle elements. Complete challenges and unlock new in-game characters. Your goal is to use a slingshot system to throw the ball into the basket, but with a twist - you can teleport next to the ball for epic chain combos and stylish dunks. Earn points to unlock new characters and conquer challenging levels.

This unique blend of sports, puzzle, and platform gameplay challenges you to use a slingshot system to aim and shoot the ball into the basket. But there's a twist - you can teleport directly next to the ball for chain combos and stylish dunks. Earn points for each completed level to unlock cool new characters and show off your skills on the court. Continue on to a few other ball games like Basketbros, Basket Swooshes, and Football Masters to start with a series of new challenges.

Play basketball like a ninja!

You can send the ball to the basket by aiming in one direction and adjusting the strength of your shot. With the ability to teleport right next to the ball, your character in the game can perform stylish chain combos to score baskets with ease! You can teleport and jump through the map, opening up infinite possibilities to complete each level. Strategize your moves and fearlessly aim to get the ball through the hoop in record time to earn a high score. With the power of teleportation, you can execute stunning chain combos and score baskets with style! Get ready to experience a unique combination of sports, puzzles, and platforming gameplay. Successfully completing each level in the game, you will receive a reward that can be used to unlock chests containing dozens of new characters to play with.

To launch your balls, hover the mouse cursor over the target and click to aim and shoot. The strength of your throw is determined by how far you drag the line. You can teleport to your ball by clicking the spacebar or clicking again while the ball is in the air. Remember to strategize and think ahead to complete each level successfully.