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Basket Swooshes


Show your skill in Basket Swooshes.

Description of the game

Step up to the court and take on the challenge of Basket Swooshes - the competitive basketball game crafted by developer Vladeta Marinkovic. The game was released in March 2020. You have to prove your basketball skills and be the first to score 11 points. Choose your favorite team and show the world that you have what it takes to dominate the court. As you advance through the tournament, the competition gets tougher and the stakes get higher. Looking for a new kind of basketball experience? Check out Basketball FRVR and take your skills to the next level! With epic gameplay and exciting challenges, you'll feel like a true basketball legend.

You'll experience an intense and immersive basketball game like never before! Developed to challenge your basketball mastery and skills, this 3D game offers three competitive modes that allow you to diversify the gameplay based on your preferences. Take on the Time Challenge and test your accuracy against the clock, or compete in the World Cup to prove yourself as the ultimate basketball champion. The game allows players to compete with world-class sportsmen like Stephen Curry and LeBron James in a tournament featuring numerous nations from across the globe. Whether you want to play solo or with friends, it's the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and join the fun! Want to play with a friend? Try the 2-player mode and battle it out on the court! With multiple scenarios to choose from, including a championship mode that requires the highest level of skill, this game is a must-play for basketball enthusiasts everywhere. Are you ready to show the world that you're the ultimate baller?

How to play

Use your finger to touch and drag, aiming for the perfect shot. A path from your player will guide you on the flight of the ball. But remember, your opponent is shooting at the same time, so be quick and precise to win!

Features of game

  • Multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other online.
  • Customizable characters and team uniforms.
  • Achievements and leaderboards to track progress and compete against other players.
  • Various basketball courts and arenas to choose from.
  • Realistic physics and ball movement for a more authentic gameplay experience.

Game mode in Basket Swooshes

You have three different modes to choose from. Compete against the computer in 'World Cup', race against the clock in 'Test of Time', or challenge your friends to a 1v1 match in '2 Player Mode'. Whichever mode you choose, make sure to aim carefully and shoot accurately to come out on top!

You can choose the game mode that suits your ability level, and there are challenges, bonuses, and gameplay modifications at each level. The game allows for customization so that each player can adjust the complexity to their liking.