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Join online basketball games in Basketbros and show off your ball skills. This is an exciting fast-paced basketball game combined with lots of frantic action. This is an extremely interesting online basketball game released in January 2020 and developed by developer Blue Wizard Digital. You can transform into many different characters such as Zane Willow, Teay Youth, Luke Magic or Step Fluaay. Each character will have distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you take advantage of the character and apply it correctly and appropriately to have a very high victory advantage. You can also customize clothes, shoes and socks to make your character unique. You will unlock many new characters and new items when you complete the competitions well and are eligible to unlock them.

How to play basketbros

Your goal is to throw the ball into the opponent's net to score. When the time runs out, whoever scores the most points wins. Take the initiative to attack to take advantage and look for opportunities to throw the ball into the opponent's net. And if you get hit first by your opponent, find a way to level the score. In addition to attacking, you also need to be careful not to let your opponent steal the ball from your hand. Move skillfully and make accurate throws to score as many points as possible and become the winner.

Tips and notes when playing

  • When you have the ball, try not to let your opponent take the ball out of your hand.
  • Throw distance is important. So throw the ball when you are close to the opponent's net to increase accuracy.
  • When the time is about to end and you still have more points than your opponent, defend and buy time until the time runs out.
  • Choose your favorite basketball idol character to increase your confidence and excitement while playing the game.