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Traffic Command


Game Mechanics

Traffic Command is an extremely interesting game on the topic of traffic safety. Let's control traffic with red lights so that a city never has traffic jams.

Commander role

As the commander of these vital traffic signals, each level presents a unique arrangement of lights, each positioned at various critical junctures, typically intersections teeming with diverse modes of transportation. Your role is to ensure the prevention of any traffic mishaps, as even a single collision spells defeat. Your responsibility is to uphold the utmost traffic safety vigilantly.

Complete mission

To accomplish your objective, you must deftly manipulate the traffic lights. Activate the red signal to halt vehicles traveling in the same direction. After ensuring safe passage for other vehicles, promptly re-activate the green light to maintain a seamless flow and prevent traffic snarls. These traffic light operations demand precise coordination and calculated precision, as the slightest error can lead to unfortunate accidents.

Be agile when on duty

With each progressing level, the number of traffic lights under your command multiplies, placing you in charge of an increasingly complex network of intersections. Your agility becomes paramount in successfully executing your mission. Sluggish responses will hinder your chances of accumulating substantial bonuses. Are you prepared to take the helm and steer traffic with finesse?

Traffic Command Features

Time Constraints

Time is a precious commodity in this game. You're granted just over a minute to fulfill your mission. Keep a watchful eye on the countdown timer in the top right corner of the screen. If the timer expires before you complete your task, a fresh attempt becomes necessary. Dedication to honing your speed and reflexes is the key to success. Repeated playthroughs will mold you into a master of the craft.

Achieving Your Targets

Progress hinges on meeting specific targets at each level. Every level sets distinct criteria that you must fulfill. Your success is contingent upon guiding a sufficient number of vehicles safely across the road. As you advance, the targets become progressively more demanding. Furthermore, you must meet these targets within the allotted time frame, demanding your full concentration. For those who cherish this game, consider inviting your friends to join in the fun. Together, strive to become the most accomplished traffic commander in the game. Also, if you love basketball games then you can play Basketbros. You will transform into many famous characters around the world.