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Tiny Football Cup


Win the championship trophy in Tiny Football Cup

Participate in miniature football tournaments in the Tiny Football Cup. You will have the opportunity to compete with many players around the world. You will control a mini-soccer team of 4 players, with the goal of scoring into the opponent's net to win. The game has multiple game modes, including two-player mode, tournament mode, and league mode. You can practice your soccer skills better when playing Penalty Kick Online.

The game has three main modes

In League mode

You will have four countries for you to compete in, and you will be able to play for free with the Italian league. Next, you will compete with the French league, English league, and Spanish league. From the second league which is the French league, you will have to buy with coins and diamonds.

In Tournaments mode

You need to complete all the levels in single-player mode. After completing the last level, you will unlock Tournaments. Then you can participate in cup matches with the American Cup, Asia Cup, and European Cup.

In 2 player mode

  • You will play and practice with the machine to improve your soccer skills. You need to click on the green dot and pull yourself back, at this time an arrow will appear on the screen in the direction you want to shoot the ball. Drag in the direction you want and release the mouse to shoot the ball. Rotate the circle to adjust the most suitable angle.
  • If you hit two balls before your opponent, you win and vice versa. After completing each match, whether you lose or win, you will receive rewards such as diamonds and coins. Use diamonds to buy power-ups in the store. Use coins to unlock many exciting new tournaments. The more attractive the level, the higher the number of coins and diamonds.