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Penalty Kick Online


Improve your ball skills in Penalty Kick Online

Experience the thrill of being a football player in Penalty Kick Online! Take on the role of the kicker and score as many goals as possible in 15 attempts. The sports game developed by MarketJS. Step onto the field and experience the excitement of taking penalty kicks in a virtual World Cup final. Play for free with the top teams from around the world and compete in the most prestigious competitions. With simple controls and slow-motion replays, you can hone your skills in goalkeeping, special effects, and shooting to become a champion. Rise through the ranks and collect trophies and achievements along the way. Join real players from across the globe and see who will reign supreme on the weekly leaderboards. Don't miss your chance to score the winning goal and claim victory in Penalty Kick Online!

Earn achievements, level up, and show off your rank in online play. Compete against real players from all over the world, gain XP, and rise through the ranks. You can even replay classic penalty shootouts from history and compete in weekly leaderboards to prove you're the king of the shootout. With gear upgrades, trophies to win, and achievements to unlock, there's plenty of excitement in store! Players have the opportunity to represent their favorite team among the 32 countries available in the game. From Brazil to Germany, and from Spain to Argentina, you can choose the country you want to play in and compete in exciting penalty shootouts. With so many options available, you're sure to find your favorite team and take them to victory!

In addition, you can discover more attractive games of the basketball genre such as Basket Random. With beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay, this game is sure to satisfy you. Show off your soccer skills now!

The Rules in Penalty Kick Online

In the player's position

You take on the role of a player who must score a penalty kick against the opposing team's goalkeeper. With 15 opportunities to score, you must aim to hit the back of the net as many times as possible. Use your mouse to swipe and click on the ball to take your shot, but be careful not to swipe too far and miss! With a math problem to solve and increasing difficulty levels, the game is sure to keep you on your toes.

If you successfully complete a math problem, you'll earn an extra shot. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases with more goalkeepers to face. Compete against other players in a five-round match to see who can score the most goals and emerge as the winner.

Don't forget to take advantage of the XP and leveling system to build your career as a soccer player. Complete achievements and level up to fill your trophy case and showcase your rank in online play.

In goalie position

When playing as the goalie, try to block the ball with the heels of your hands instead of your fingertips. This can be a difficult skill to master, but with practice and precision, you can become a pro at blocking shots. Additionally, aiming above the ball can also help you make successful saves. Keep practicing to improve your skills and lead your team to victory!

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and compete with some of the best teams for free. Can you lead your team to victory and become the world champion? Test your skills and see how many goals you can score in this fast-paced game!