Talking Tom Gold Run

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You should enjoy Talking Tom Gold Run for amazing adventures. In this game, you will play the role of Uncle Tom and chase away the person who stole your gold.

Tom's Adventure Begins

The story unfolds with a daring act as a thief covertly infiltrates Tom the cat's house, intent on stealing the precious gold. However, their plans are foiled when the homeowner discovers their presence. In response, Tom sets off on an exhilarating chase to reclaim the stolen treasure. As players immerse themselves in the game, they are given the opportunity to "Go for Gold" and assist Talking Tom and his friends in constructing their dream home. With seven unlockable worlds, including the city, forest, beach, and more, each successful completion of a character's house unlocks new building options, additional characters, and exciting running segments.

Collect gold and upgrade Tom's house

  • On the way, collect the gold dropped by the thief. Be prepared to face a variety of obstacles, including moving cars, fences, and even traffic lights. You must control Tom to jump over, slide down, or move left or right to avoid obstacles.
  • You have the opportunity to take advantage of the accumulated gold to upgrade your house and swimming pool, making them more spacious and luxurious. Seize this opportunity to create your dream home, enhancing its comfort and grandeur with the assets you acquire. If you are a cat lover, you can try playing Mad Cat to play the role of a mischievous cat. Satisfy the mischief that their personalities inherently have.