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Mad Cat


In Mad Cat, you play as a mischievous cat with an insatiable desire to wreak havoc on an apartment. Do whatever you want but don't let your employer know.

Rules of Mad Cat

Prepare yourself for a gameplay experience unlike any other. Mad Cat offers a truly distinctive concept that sets it apart from traditional games. Your objective is to systematically break all the objects within the room. Now, let's delve into the specifics of this game.

Object Destruction

You will be placed in a typical room furnished with tables, chairs, a television, and more. Utilizing the cat's unique movement mechanics, your task is to push and topple these objects into the air. Don't fret about the weight of the items—once you start pushing, they will move. However, larger objects may require more time and effort to manipulate.

Avoid Detection

While the owner cannot see the cat, any physical contact with her will result in an immediate loss. Thus, it is crucial to remain vigilant and observe the owner's movements while on your mission. She can move swiftly and unpredictably, so you must skillfully navigate the room, avoiding any accidental encounters. Can you accomplish this stealthy feat?

Fruit Power-Ups

As you progress, you will come across fruits scattered throughout the room. Consuming these fruits will grant your cat an extraordinary burst of speed. Take advantage of this temporary enhancement to swiftly demolish as many objects as possible before the effect wears off. Strategic fruit consumption will maximize your destructive potential.