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Tennis Physics


Challenge your dexterity and finesse while playing Tennis Physics. Show your skills, defeat your opponents, and become the champion of this tennis match.

Enjoy the game Tennis Physics

Are you looking to relax and enjoy relaxing moments after stressful working hours? This game is quite simple but full of fun challenges that will not make you too stressed when playing. With simple gameplay, you just need to use the arrow keys to control and attack your opponent. But don't make the mistake of thinking that this game is too simple, because both skill and strategy are very important in this game.

How to win in Tennis Physics

You will experience dramatic and exciting tennis matches when playing the game. You need to have good ball control skills, knock back opponents and defend well to always win. Use all your skills and tactics to defeat your opponents and become the winner. Try to hit the ball so that the opponent cannot block it and score points. Try not to let the ball fall on the field and avoid the opponent scoring.

How to control

  • Player 1: use W to jump up
  • Player 2: use the up arrow to jump