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Hockey Legends


Beat your opponents and score the highest score

Take part in an ice soccer match in Hockey Legends and get started with exciting challenges. Perform skillful attacks that overwhelm your opponents and win. Unlike Tap Tap Shots. This game allows you to play this game by yourself to practice or invite your friends to join and challenge together. This is really a game that requires high skills to give players a lot of newness without being boring. Try to win every battle before the time runs out. Using the "super shot" will help you score a goal completely even if the opponent blocks your pitch. Make surprise attacks at the start of the match so that the opponent can't react in time, and you will have a higher chance of winning.

You can choose single player or two player mode. In single player mode, you will face the computer. In two player mode, you will play with your friends on the same computer. Use all your skills to move on the ice, hit the ball, and attack or defend to gain control of the ball.

How to control in Hockey Legends


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • X: to throw the ball
  • Z: to shoot Super

Two players

  • Move: WASD
  • Press D repeatedly to accelerate
  • L: to throw
  • K: to shoot Super

Tactics to beat the opponent

Use defensive, blocking, and offensive tactics to defeat your opponents. Try to improve your skills when you have not really mastered this game. Because this game requires the high skill of each person. Training your skills in single-player mode will help you learn a lot of new lessons. Learn how to move on the ice quickly and flexibly. Use offensive and defensive skills wisely. If you can find your opponent's weak points and capture them, your chances of winning will be high. Tracking your opponent's movement and pitching skills will help you easily realize this. Remember to use every opportunity to defeat the opponent.