Basketball Master 2

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Score big in Basketball Master 2! Use your skills and strategy to overcome obstacles, collect stars, and dominate the court in this addictive sports game.

Become a basketball master in Basketball Master 2

If you're a basketball fan and confident in your dunking skills, this game is for you. Put your skills to the test and masterfully maneuver the ball into each level's basket. With careful aim and precise trajectory, shoot the ball toward the hoop, dodging various obstacles along the way. Make use of different surfaces, such as wooden planks for bouncing and glass platforms for breaking, to your advantage. Rebounds and bumpers can also give your shots extra speed and maneuverability. Collect all three stars in each level with a single throw. The game features 40 challenging single-player levels, each progressively harder than the last, as well as a bonus two-player mode where you can compete with a friend on the same device. Sharpen your dexterity and logic to become a Basketball Master! Challenge the physics skills that you practiced in Basketball Physics.

Engaging gameplay of Basketball Master 2

Aim your shot with precision using your mouse and watch the ball fly straight into the net or add some flair by bouncing it off the backboard and letting it roll around the rim before scoring. As you advance, you'll have to aim over static and moving defensive players and add more power to your throws to break through solid obstacles. With two modes to choose from, single and 2-player, and plenty of levels to play through. Don't forget to collect all the stars to achieve the highest score!

Estimate the distance between the ball and the hoop to make the perfect throw. Utilize the ball line for awesome dunks and swipe to the finish point in the hoop. The game features two modes: single and 2-player. In single mode, complete various levels by scoring one point, but beware of the defense circle. In 2-player mode, take turns shooting the ball and see who scores the most points to be the ultimate winner. Make sure to collect all the stars in each mode.