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Basketball Physics


Conquer all challenges in Basketball Physics

Welcome to Basketball Physics, a game that lets you test your skills and score points with a single tap. This is a fun game that requires physics skills.


It's a challenging game that requires physics skills, especially when trying to score. Put on your best baller attire, step on the court, and shoot that ball to make the score. Tap the button to make your unique characters jump for the ball, and tap again to throw it into the hoop. The aim is simple, shoot as many baskets as possible using the limited number of balls you have. Every shot counts, so accuracy and precision are key to achieving the highest scores. Besides, don't forget to explore another basketball game called Angry Basketball and test your basketball skills. This game will definitely not let you down with its beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay.

The guidelines to play

Prior to throwing the ball, you must select two physical properties: the angle of your shot and the necessary power to ensure the ball lands safely in the basket. Players can utilize a dotted line to determine both the angle and power. Once you release the button, the computer basketball player will execute the shot. The game is user-friendly, entertaining, and appropriate for all ages with no complicated learning curve.


Players only need to use one button to jump and shoot. For Player 1, the key to use is Z, and for Player 2, the key is M. With just one click, you can jump and throw the ball to score.

Graphics of Basketball Physics

The game is designed with real physics so that players can experience realistic ball movement, player control, and court conditions. With 11 unique stages including a beach, airport, rooftop, and more, the game offers a diverse range of environments for players to enjoy. The game is optimized for low system requirements, meaning it can be played on most devices without requiring a high-end graphics card. Additionally, the game offers simple sound effects and maximum replay value to keep players engaged for hours.