Basketball Master

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Conquer the leaderboards in Basketball Master

Basketball Master is the ultimate test for basketball enthusiasts. Showcase your skills by bouncing the ball around and making some incredible shots! With multiple locations and a variety of balls to choose from, this game will keep you engaged for hours. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard and become a legendary player? Enjoy the delightful challenge of scoring baskets amidst various obstacles. Test your skills and aim to hit the basketball hoop before time runs out. Earn experience points with every successful hit to unlock new locations and balls, but beware of the limited time and starting over if you miss. Control the ball with your mouse and give it your all to win against the AI.

This game is the ultimate challenge for both streetball and real basketball players. Jump and shoot the ball into the basket within the time limit to earn the highest score and collect coins. Unlock all the balls and locations and try out the two game modes available. To succeed, you'll need precise timing, good aim, and a bit of luck. After completing Basketball Master, explore the second part of this game Basketball Master 2. Keep conquering new challenges.

Your target in Basketball Master

Your goal is to jump with the ball and shoot it into the basket before time runs out. Aim carefully, time your shots perfectly, and collect coins to unlock all the different balls and locations. With two game modes to choose from, you'll need precise timing, good aim, and a little bit of luck to become a master of the court. Choose your background and ball skin, and aim to top the leaderboards in this addictive basketball arcade game!

The countdown starts after you make your first basket. Simply click on the screen with your left mouse button to bounce the ball and make it travel towards the basket. You'll need to click multiple times to get the ball there. Each time you score a point, your timer will fill up, allowing you to continue playing as long as you keep scoring. The game offers four different locations to choose from, each with its own unique atmosphere, from a busy city to a peaceful beach. With 25 unlockable ball options, you can choose to play with a ball of yarn, a donut, or even the moon!