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Basketball FRVR


Experience the thrill of being a basketball superstar in Basketball FRVR! Shoot and score like a pro in this addictive sports game from FRVR Studios.

Test your basketball skills with Basketball FRVR!

Welcome to the endless dunking game! This basketball game was developed by FRVR. Originally popular on Facebook, it has now made its way to the web. The game requires players to use their mouse or fingers to shoot the ball into the basket, just like a pro basketball player. With each consecutive shot, the points increase, making the game even more challenging. However, missing a shot can break the streak, and players must be wary of the moving hoop that can add to the difficulty level. Looking for a new kind of basketball experience? Check out Basketball Random and take your skills to the next level! With epic gameplay and exciting challenges, you'll feel like a true basketball legend.

Directions to Score High in Basketball FRVR

Your target

The objective of the game is to score baskets by flicking your mouse or fingers, just like the legendary Head Soccer 2022. The game rewards players with more points for each consecutive basket they make, but missing a shot ends the player's streak. To add to the challenge, the hoop will start moving away from the player, making each shot more difficult.

You need to use your mouse or finger to flick the ball toward the hoop. Click on the ball and drag it or swipe your finger across the screen to shoot Each consecutive shot is worth more points than the last, but if you miss a shot, your score streak will end. Keep an eye out for the moving hoop, which will add an extra level of challenge to the game.

Tips to score more points

  • Get ready to showcase your basketball skills and feel like a true basketball star as you step up to the free-throw line. Position your feet, aim your shot, focus on the rim, and release the ball with a flick of your wrist. Watch as the ball soars through the air and hits the rim with precision, just like a pro basketball player.
  • With just a swipe of your finger, you can control the trajectory of the ball and score points one after another in the game. As you aim for the basket, be careful not to miss the shot, otherwise, you'll have to start again. There's no score limit, so aim for the highest score and try to beat your own record! Get +3 points for a swish, or +2 points for hitting the rim.
  • Score big in style with a variety of unlockable basketball skins in this dunking game. Keep your shot streak alive to earn a +3 bonus with every successful swish, and see your score skyrocket. With over 10 unique basketballs to choose from, collect coins and unlock skins to customize your game and show off your skills in style.