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Apple Night


How to survive in Apple Knight

In Apple Knight, you are tasked with defeating fearsome monsters and embarking on a dangerous quest to save a kingdom held captive by dark forces.

Fight with monsters

During the process of exploring challenges, you will encounter extremely dangerous and ferocious monsters. You need to equip yourself with good skills to defeat them and ensure your safety. When facing enemies that attack from afar, throw apples to hinder their progress. Your life will be reduced and gradually lost when you are attacked by monsters.

Collect mysterious items

On the way to conquer challenges, you need to collect items scattered everywhere. They can be hidden in obscure paths, hard-to-see areas, or in mysterious treasure chests. When you collect these mysterious treasures, you will receive extremely valuable items.

Upgrade your weapons

You need to accumulate a lot of coins to have enough money to buy weapons that meet your needs such as armor. In addition, you can open more levels or other special features when you have enough coins. Upgrade your hero to become stronger and stronger to confront other enemies with ease. It won't be long before you win with the experiences you have diligently accumulated and learned. The results you get will be your practice every day. Have fun playing the game and don't forget to visit Death Dungeon Survivor to become great heroes in the world of vampire survival.

Game Controls

  • Utilize arrow keys for character movement.
  • Employ the left mouse button or spacebar for combat.
  • Press C or K to skillfully throw apples in your quest.

What interesting features does Apple Knight have?

Addictive gameplay

If you are a lover of adventure games, you cannot miss this great game. There are countless secrets waiting for you to conquer in this vast world. With increasing levels of difficulty, the game brings a sense of high challenge, challenging the player, and making the player's conquest even higher. Non-stop battles take place continuously and brutally, increasing the player's aggressiveness.

Unique game graphics

This game truly mesmerized players with its visually impressive art style with vibrant and detailed environments. The game's vivid graphics are one of the things that attract the imagination and hold users back. Meticulous attention to character design, animations, and level backgrounds contribute to the appeal this game has to offer.

General review of the game

This is a classic platformer game, evoking a feeling of nostalgia for players familiar with these iconic titles. The game's mechanics, level design, and pixel art aesthetic hearken back to the golden age of platform games, appealing to both veterans and newcomers. It cleverly blends classic charm with convenience for the modern player.