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Death Dungeon Survivor


Commence Your Quest by Choosing a Hero

Play as a heroic character in Death Dungeon Survivor and start fighting vampires and ghosts to survive. Use the sword skillfully to win this game. In this gripping adventure, you wield extraordinary powers to vanquish hordes of menacing monsters. Your battle is solitary, so summon your courage and face the challenge head-on! A myriad of heroic choices awaits you. Each character boasts a distinctive strength, be it magic or swordsmanship. Your initial character is readily available, but unlocking subsequent heroes demands financial investment or achieving specific goals. Take a closer look at their stats to select the ideal character for your journey.

Endure the Perils of Death Dungeon Survivor

Prepare to confront ceaseless legions of monsters in splendid isolation. The retro graphics exude a classic charm that may take you by surprise. While the gameplay remains simple, its allure is boundless.

Harness an Arsenal of Skills

The array of monsters grows increasingly formidable. To stand firm against them, your skills must ascend in power. Arm your character with weaponry, whether swords or whips and imbue them with additional skills. These newfound abilities are your lifeline in this treacherous realm.

Collect Precious Gems and Unearth Chests

Defeated monsters shower the battlefield with blue and red gems, each contributing to your character's progression. As you ascend in levels, the opportunity arises to enhance skills or upgrade your weaponry. While watching ads, you can even opt for all skill upgrades. Furthermore, mighty monsters bear wooden chests filled with invaluable items and golden coins, enriching your journey in this harrowing world.