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Zoo Boom


Introduction to Zoo Boom

Zoo Boom is a game about the world of wild animals. The gameplay is quite simple, you will find the same animals to choose and remove them from the screen.

Simplicity but attractive

While the game may not boast a multitude of complex features, its simplicity is what makes it truly remarkable. Every element of the game is carefully crafted to captivate and leave a lasting impression on players of all ages. Prepare to be enthralled as you unleash the power of your clicks and witness mesmerizing reactions unfold before your eyes.

Nice graphics

The graphics in this game leave a strong impression on players. They are vibrant and filled with a variety of colorful animal characters such as elephants, snakes, lions, and ducks. The combination of colors is visually appealing, creating an attractive playing environment. Additionally, the game provides captivating effects that allow players to fully experience and enjoy the dynamic movements within the game.

Your objective in Zoo Boom

Your objective is to progress through each level by completing specific tasks. To accomplish this, you must click on groups of matching animals to eliminate them. Clearing animals will earn you points. As you clear multiple animals simultaneously, new animals with special abilities will be generated. For instance, eliminating five animals at once will create a fly. Clicking on the fly will destroy all characters in the same row, offering strategic advantages in the game.