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Information about Woodoku

Description of the game

Your task in Woodoku is to fill the board with wooden blocks so that each row and column contains numbers from 1 to 9 with no repeating numbers. You'll find yourself solving the same puzzles as in Sudoku but with a twist. Instead of filling in numbers, you will arrange wooden blocks on the board. It's like a puzzle and building game rolled into one!

How to play

  • Start by using your finger or mouse to drag and drop wooden blocks into position on the board.
  • Create full rows and columns with wooden blocks to remove them from the row.
  • Fill all 3x3 squares with wooden blocks to remove them from the board.
  • Continue playing until you have filled the entire board with wooden blocks without any numbers repeating.


  • The game has more than 1000 levels with increasing difficulty, guaranteed to bring you many hours of entertainment.
  • If you get stuck, use the hint button for help.
  • Track your progress and see your highest score in each level.