Wheelie Bike

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Wheelie Bike is quite an interesting bicycle driving sports game. Try to keep your balance so the car doesn't tip over. Show off your driving skills!

How to play and balance the bike

Your goal is to set new records. To play this game, you must not let the front wheel touch the ground during the entire driving time. Use the mouse and click to play, keeping the front wheel balanced so it doesn't touch the ground. The further you go, the higher your score will be. You can only ride one wheel the rest of the way, if your front wheel touches the ground you will end the game. If your car ends up upside down, it's game over. Therefore, the balance in the process of keeping the car to go long distances is really difficult. You need to practice a lot to go further.

Tips to keep your bike balanced

To play, tap and hold to lift the front wheel off the ground. Release the hold button to lower the front wheel when you need to regain balance and tap again to raise the front wheel again. You will have to face slopes, subsidence, and many other obstacles along the way. Each obstacle will cause your bike to tilt, you need a steady handlebar to be able to keep the bike balanced. If you love clicking games you can try playing Capybara Clicker to create many interesting guinea pigs.