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Viking Escape


Discover the Game Rules

Viking Escape invites you to join the king on an exhilarating jungle journey. Accompany the King and the flying dinosaur to overcome dangerous obstacles.

Dual Character Control

Take charge of both the king and the flying dinosaur as you guide them through the forest, overcoming obstacles and adversaries. Fly high or low, move forward to elude monstrous creatures, and ensure a safe passage for the king.

Masterful Controls

Navigate the flying dinosaur's movements with precision using intuitive controls.

  • Press W to soar higher.
  • Press S to descend.
  • Press A to move backward.
  • Press D to move forward.

Utilize the spacebar to unleash attacks and thwart oncoming enemies.

A few tips for you when playing

Control flying dinosaurs

While perched on the flying dinosaur, assist the king in triumphing over adversaries. Defeat enemies swiftly to preserve the king's energy, ensuring an extended and fruitful journey. Collect gold coins along the way to enhance your score.

Time constraints

Experience the thrill of time limited gameplay, with just over 2 minutes to conquer this captivating journey. Keep a close eye on the timer, strategize effectively, and maximize your points while facing formidable opponents.

Achieve and compete

Your score directly correlates with the distance covered, prompting strategic decisions to progress further in subsequent plays. Receive trophies as a testament to your accomplishments, providing a benchmark for friendly competition and global leaderboards.