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Vex 7


Learn about the game Vex 7

Join Vex 7 and start your journey to collect stars with many difficult challenges ahead. Use your swimming, jumping, and sliding skills to complete the mission.

History and development

This video game belongs to the platform genre, developed and published by Nitrome. The game was released on October 20, 2022. You will control a Vex character through mazes in many trap-filled levels to reach your destination. Each level will have a separate and extremely unique theme, creating newness and curiosity for players.

Instructions for controlling a Stickman

You only have a certain number of lives and time to pass each level. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move. Perform some actions like jumping, flying, or sliding with up and down arrows to overcome challenges. Don't forget to collect coins on your way. Another thing to note is that you should check the checkpoints. If you have to replay, you can replay at the last checkpoint if your character dies. You can use combos to defeat or avoid other stickmen. You should not let other stickmen touch you because that will cause you to lose your life.

Notes for you

Maybe you don't know?

Each level will have requirements for collecting different amounts of stars. However, this is not necessary when collecting each star. But if you earn enough three stars in each level you will be able to unlock more attractive versions with newer features. You can use coins and stars to buy new skins for your character. You will have many opportunities to experience many new and beautiful outfits. Choose an outfit you love and aim to buy it with the coins and stars you earn.

Advice for you

There are some tips to help you overcome challenges and keep you motivated as you play. Join the game every day to receive daily rewards. This also helps players get excited about playing the game every day when starting the game. There are also benefits that help players have more opportunities to experience.

For new players, playing Vex 7 is extremely difficult and requires a lot of patience. This game will train you to be persistent and resilient to overcome challenges after each failure. Every time you fail you will learn more lessons. Additionally, you can play Sticky Run to further practice your reflexes.