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Vampire Survivors


Challenge your resistance

Vampire Survivors is an endless survival challenge set on a mysterious island. Your survival depends on your strength to defeat fearsome enemies. To prolong your survival, you must harness a diverse array of skills. Nimble movements are equally instrumental in ensuring your character's perseverance.

Sustained Mobility

The desolate island you inhabit is devoid of human life, yet swarming with horrifying monsters that relentlessly assail any intruders. Standing idly will make you an easy target for these creatures. Therefore, you must maintain constant movement to evade their assaults, strategically navigating the island to find safe havens.

Game Controls

Utilize the arrow keys to govern your character's movements throughout the game. The uncomplicated control scheme makes Vampire Survivors accessible to players of all ages, including children. Skillful manipulation of the arrow keys enables smooth character movement, preventing dangerous proximity to menacing foes.

Overcoming the Monsters in Vampire Survivors

In this game, evasion alone won't secure your victory. You must wield combat abilities and wield sharp weaponry to vanquish the sinister creatures lurking in your path.

Leveling Up

Character potency increases as they advance through levels. Each level advancement bestows additional powers or upgrades upon the character, and you'll make choices to fortify your character's abilities. The key to leveling up lies in gathering magical gems, which contribute to expanding your EX, and facilitating upgrades. Keep an eye out for red gems, which yield more EX than their blue counterparts.

Extinguish the Flames

Along your journey, you'll encounter sporadic fires. Razing these fires yields valuable items such as chicken thighs, gold, and unique skills. Collect these items, as they will prove immensely advantageous.