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Trap The Cat


Trap The Cat is a super intellectual puzzle game. You need to find a way to trick the cunning cat into not being able to escape the siege you have drawn.

Find a way to confine the cat

Your goal in this game is to try to find a way to trap the cat with the green hexagons appearing on the screen. You need to click on the hexagons one by one to form a closed boundary around the cat. The cat will move randomly and you need to predict its direction to effectively trap it. Plan carefully and use hexagons wisely to avoid creating holes for the cat to escape. The difficulty level of the game will gradually increase with each level, with the appearance of more hexagons, faster movement speed of the cat, and new obstacles.

Tips for quickly trapping cats

  • Before you start drawing, take some time to observe the position of the cat and the hexagons on the screen. This will help you figure out the right path and trap the cat most effectively.
  • Priority should be given to drawing connecting lines from the outside edge of the screen to the inside. This way, you will gradually narrow the cat's moving space and create favorable conditions for trapping it.
  • Some hexagons have the ability to expand when connected. Pay attention to these hexagons and use them to create larger traps that cover more areas of the screen.
  • Use as few lines as possible to complete the task. This will save you time and avoid wasting hexagons.