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Tennis Masters


Prove you are the master in Tennis Master?

Tennis Masters is an exciting experience that requires you to achieve the highest score. Let's start playing now to become the master of the game. This competitive sports game is developed by Madpuffers. Players can participate in challenging tennis matches against the computer or with friends in a 2-player mode. The game offers a wide variety of playable characters, unlockable items, special rewards, and exciting transformations, making for an immersive and engaging sports experience.

Guide to play Tennis Master

How to play

The objective is to dodge, hit, and outsmart your opponent in order to reach the finish line first. In addition, players can power up their rackets with unique abilities and absurd weapons such as the banana bomb, giant mallet, and lightning bolt. The game offers both single-player mode and multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete with friends and determine who truly reigns as the master of modern tennis.


1 Player Controls

  • Move left/right: A/D or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump: W or Up arrow key
  • Hit: X or L key
  • Smash: Z or K key

2 Player Controls

  • Player 1 moves left/right: A/D keys
  • Player 2 moves left/right: Left/Right arrow keys
  • Player 1 jumps: W key
  • Player 2 jumps: Up arrow key
  • Player 1 hits: V key
  • Player 2 hits: L key
  • Player 1 smashes: B key
  • Player 2 smashes: K key