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Super Bunny Man


Physics adventure

Super Bunny Man is an adventure game based on realistic physics. You will play as a guy in a cute bunny costume and go on an adventurous journey. You'll roll, jump, and overcome obstacles to complete levels, perform timed attacks, and find hidden carrots while dodging traps like spikes, boulders, deep holes, and many other challenges. You'll need to overcome 30 thrilling challenging levels across three magical worlds in Campaign mode.

Conquer challenges

Collect carrots

Your goal as the bunny hero is to reach the end of each level while collecting as many carrots as possible. There is a hidden carrot in each level that will test your keen eye and give you extra points if you can find it. Once you've passed all the challenges, dive into the spiral gate at the end to get to the next level.

Multiplayer madness

Gather your friends for even more fun with multiplayer modes like carrot basketball and death match. Work together or compete against each other as you kick, push, and somersault your way to victory. Just be careful not to go on the wrong side of a sharp branch!


  • Play with 1 to 3 friends, support each other to overcome obstacles, and complete the level.
  • Control the rabbit character to move, roll, jump, and interact with the environment realistically and humorously.
  • Explore over 40 uniquely designed levels, from dense forests to dangerous snow-capped mountains.
  • Choose between story mode, time trial, or compete with friends.
  • Collect carrots and complete missions to unlock fun bunny costumes for your characters.