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Soccer Physics


Play Soccer Physics Online

Soccer Physics is a game decorated with classic style graphics and simple gameplay. Your only goal is to skillfully kick the ball into the opponent's goal.

Unlike real-life soccer teams with 11 players, each team in this game consists of just two members. What sets this apart is that you'll be responsible for controlling both of these members simultaneously. Fear not, for the controls are far from complex a simple button press is all it takes. While it's primarily a soccer game, you'll occasionally find yourself using basketballs, baseballs, and more to score. There are no referees or timers here, providing you with the freedom to play as you like. The goal? Score 5 points before your opponents to claim victory.

Attractive features of the game Soccer Physics

Scoring Goals

In Soccer Physics, the fundamental rule of the sport reigns supreme: shoot the ball to earn points. By pressing the W key or the up arrow, your characters will make their moves. However, be prepared for a twist, as your characters may not always behave as expected. Clever maneuvering is key.

Two Gameplay Modes in Soccer Physics

  • 1-Player Mode: Test your skills in solo play, where your opponent is controlled by the CPU. Beware, as the CPU can be quite formidable.
  • 2-Player Mode: Challenge a friend in a head-to-head showdown. You and your friend compete as opposing teams, adding a layer of friendly rivalry to the game.