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Ski Slopes


Ski Slopes is a very fun sliding game. You must control the snowman to quickly overcome obstacles full of dangers that stand in his way. Get started now! While enjoying a leisurely sojourn in the snowy mountains, our jolly snowman finds himself caught in an avalanche's grip. Faced with imminent danger, the snowman takes to snowboarding, hurtling forward while overcoming a multitude of obstacles. Stand by the snowman's side and ensure a secure passage as you embark on this exciting journey.

Your Pathway Through

Colliding with these obstacles spells doom for your snowman. Moreover, beware of the treacherous slopes - they stand as one of the most formidable threats. Speed down the snow-covered hills with utmost precision, for even a slight misstep could spell the end of your expedition.

Navigating the Ski Slopes

  • Employ the left mouse button or tap the Spacebar to initiate a jump.
  • For heightened altitude and distance, hold down and release these buttons.
  • Harness the power of the right-click to execute a somersault.
  • Execute a double-click to perform two consecutive somersaults, showcasing your acrobatic prowess.