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Siege Battleplan


Siege Battleplan is a challenging strategy game. You need to try to strengthen your mighty castle with a powerful army. Show your leadership abilities.

Establish and Safeguard Your Kingdom

In this kingdom-building adventure, you'll expand and safeguard your realm. Your towers are customizable and can be upgraded. Each upgrade indicates the number of units it requires underneath it. Aim to construct as many towers as possible to amass a formidable army for the battles ahead. A larger army increases your chances of emerging victorious.

Steps to Victory in Siege Battleplan

Lead Your Troops

Engage in battles featuring numerous opposing towers. To assert your dominance, simply drag the mouse cursor to the tower you wish to capture. Your warriors will automatically engage in combat with the enemy occupants of the tower. Exercise caution when dealing with the red kingdom, as they share your objective. Your troops can only traverse the available road, so capturing adjacent towers is your initial priority. Achieving victory requires not only quick reflexes but also a well-devised strategy.

Upgrade Your Towers

In the capital, you can invest your hard-earned coins in tower upgrades. The more coins you accumulate through victorious battles, the more potent your upgrades become. This empowering process equips you to vanquish any rival kingdom you encounter, solidifying your supremacy in the game.