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Save The Duck


Learn about Save The Duck

Save The Duck is an incredibly fun, thought-provoking game. You need to use the shower to guide a plastic duck into the bathtub and not get stung by the bees.


Do you have a soft spot for toy ducks? They've long been a bathroom staple, providing comfort and fun during bath time. But in this game, the duck finds itself stuck on a shelf, and it's your mission to help it find its way back to the bathtub.

The game features challenging puzzles that you'll tackle while honing your problem-solving skills. It encourages creative thinking outside the box, allowing you to experiment with various approaches to earn those coveted three stars.

Game Rules

To accomplish your mission, you'll utilize the shower and flush mechanisms. Your goal is to direct the water flow in just the right way, ensuring that it propels the duck into the bathtub. Successfully achieving this will advance you to the next level. If the duck slips out of the tub, you'll need to replay the level, experimenting with different strategies until you succeed.

The game boasts a variety of levels, each presenting a unique layout and puzzle design. Starting with straightforward puzzles, it gradually ramps up the complexity as you progress. Be prepared for a series of mentally engaging puzzles that will put your skills to the test.

Challenges and Tips in Save The Duck

Challenging Aspects

  • Water conservation is key in this game. Using more water during a level results in fewer stars awarded. Therefore, it's essential to use the available water judiciously, with the top bar of the screen indicating how much remains.
  • Additionally, you'll encounter obstacles that can impede your duck's progress. Navigating these challenges requires thoughtful planning and analysis of possibilities. Take your time to strategize before guiding the duck through the shelf.

Useful Tips

  • Incorporate available objects like conversion ports or fans to improve your character's navigation. These tools help you overcome obstacles and find your way to success.
  • Before making your moves, assess the puzzle and think ahead. Consider how each action will affect the positioning of objects and the overall puzzle. Be patient and explore different strategies until you discover the correct sequence of moves.