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Running Fred


Running Fred is a humorous action-adventure game. You will control a guy named Fred who is trying to escape death in a world full of dangerous traps.

Style play

  • On the way, Fred will face countless dangerous obstacles such as spikes, deep holes, fire traps, and aggressive monsters. The game's pace is fast and thrilling, requiring you to have quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Fred can perform many impressive acrobatics such as spins, flips, and loops to overcome obstacles and collect bonus points.
  • Fred can collect support items such as sneakers that increase speed, shields that protect from obstacles, and magnets that attract coins. Collect coins to unlock new outfits for Fred, making him look cooler and more powerful.

Some tips and features


  • The more you play, the more proficient you become at controlling Fred and overcoming obstacles.
  • Use support items at the appropriate time for maximum effectiveness.
  • Upgrade Fred's powers to help him run farther and be more resistant to obstacles.
  • Running Fred can get difficult on some levels. Be patient and keep practicing to conquer challenges.


  • You can unlock many new characters with unique abilities.
  • Shop and outfit Fred in unique outfits to express your style.
  • Upgrade Fred's skills to help him run further and overcome obstacles more easily.