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Pool 8 Ball


If you are looking for a game with beautiful graphic and simple gameplay but still interesting, Pool 8 Ball is for you with the experience as same in real life.

Rules of the game in Pool 8 Ball

There are many balls on the table, the white ball is called the cue ball. Your aim is to hit the cue ball to crash other balls and take them into holes. You mustn't take the cue ball into holes or you will be minus points. The black ball is the number 8 ball. You have to take other balls into holes before taking the 8 ball into the hole which means the 8 ball is the last ball to go into the hole. If you take the 8 balls into the hole when there are still other balls on the table, you will lose. About the control, it's very easy. Drag the left mouse button backward to adjust power, and release it to hit. You have to calculate carefully before taking your hit. Let's start and enjoy this game!

Features in Pool 8 Ball

  • Simple but immersive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • Play free on the website or mobile
  • You can play alone or with your friend
  • Practice your skills and calculation
  • Lots of replay value