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Pixel Shooter


Take on thrilling challenges in Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter is an intense shooting action game. Test your shooting skills against hordes of zombies. Show off your shooting skills professionally. You can participate in multiplayer shooting games with many different game modes. Depends on your preferences and choices. Choose your favorite character and start a thrilling battle. Use grenades and combat weapons to destroy all enemies around you.

The game has two main modes

In PK mode

  • In Single Mode: Your goal is to defeat 10 opponents and reach first place in the match.
  • In Team Mode: Your team will be matched with another team, and each team will have three members to fight. The team that eliminates 15 opponents first will win.
  • In Bomb Mode: Two teams will try to place bombs across each other to destroy the opponent. If unfortunately you are trapped by an opponent, try to find a way to remove it as quickly as possible before the bomb explodes. You need to find every way to prevent your opponent from placing a bomb within 45 seconds. Try to cooperate with your teammates in the best possible way to get good results.

Fight Mode

  • Space Mode: In this mode, you will experience spacious space and freedom with breathtaking heights.
  • Flag Mode: You and your teammates need to fight to protect the green flag and regain the red flag before the enemy.
  • Frag Mode: In this mode, you will be taken to a train scene. You and your teammates will fight other players on the ship and do not have guns with you. You only have 20 bombs to destroy your opponents. You need to pay attention to surrounding electric poles because they can electrocute you at any time. To win you need to defeat 10 opponents before the opposing team.
  • Zombie Mode: You will compete with two other players to see who can kill the most zombies. Within 2 minutes, whoever kills the most zombies will be the winner of the match.

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