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Pico Park


In the game Pico Park, you will need a team spirit to be able to overcome countless challenges together. Your mission in this game is to find the key to win.

Your duties

Pico Park presents a maze of levels and challenges, each guarded by a door waiting to be unlocked. How? Collect the keys scattered around the maze. By the way, you will have to communicate with your friends to find the best option. This is where your friends come in handy. Discuss strategies, locate keys in tricky spots, and pave the way to success.

You and your friends can form a team of 2 to 8 players, each steering a unique character. Whether you prefer arrow keys, WASD, TFGH, or IJKL, mastering movement is key to conquering the levels.


  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move around.
  • Jump over hurdles with the up key or spacebar.
  • Get down low with the down key or C to crouch.
  • Grab keys by passing through them.
  • Approach doors and press the enter key to unlock them.

Dangerous challenges

It's a game brimming with puzzles and obstacles that will test your skills and coordination. Beware of the menacing spikes that can send you back to the beginning if touched. Precision is crucial when facing treacherous gaps - one wrong step, and you could find yourself tumbling into the unknown. However, with the ability to manipulate boxes and activate switches, you have the tools to conquer these challenges and advance through the levels.

Game Modes

World Mode

The heart of Pico Park, World Mode, boasts 48 levels divided into 12 sets, each with a unique theme. Whether you're "Going Together," racing against time, or navigating tricky gimmicks, teamwork is your greatest asset. Each level presents a new challenge, requiring collaborative problem-solving to find the key and escape the clutches of obstacles and traps.

Battle Mode

For those seeking competition, Battle Mode offers a variety of challenges. Height Battle tests your jumping prowess, Region Battle is a strategic conquest game, Jump Battle demands agility and reflexes, and Stopwatch requires synchronized button pressing. It's a battle of skills, wits, and teamwork.

Endless Mode

If you prefer solo adventures, Endless Mode is for you. Four challenges await, including Endless Jump, where you ascend the skies amidst obstacles, Endless Puzzles, testing your rapid puzzle-solving abilities, Endless Scroll, a non-stop obstacle dodging challenge, and Endless Plane, where you navigate mazes as an online pilot. Each challenge aims for the highest score, pushing your skills to the limit.

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