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Pet Simulator 99


Pet Simulator 99 is a pet simulation game that helps players explore a vast world, collect new pets, equip their pets, and participate in mini-games.

Instructions for collecting lots of beautiful pets

The game begins with the player being given a free egg. When hatched, the egg will produce a random pet. Players can use their pets to collect coins and gems. Coins can be used to buy new eggs, pet items, and other items. Gems can be used to purchase exclusive items and upgrades for pets.

Players can explore the world of Pet Simulator 99 using a shovel. The shovel can be used to dig for coins, gems, and other items. Players can also use the shovel to destroy obstacles and unlock new areas. The game has over 99 different pets to collect. Pets come in many different sizes and shapes, from real animals to imaginary animals. Each pet has its own abilities and powers. Players can equip their pets with items such as necklaces, hats, and clothes. These items can help increase your pet's strength and abilities.

Some good tips for you

  • Dig for eggs in high-value areas. Each area in the game has a different egg value. Digging for eggs in high-value areas will give you a chance to get rarer pets.
  • Use a good shovel and egg bag. Good shovels and egg bags will help you dig eggs faster and get more money.
  • Participate in special events. Special events often have attractive rewards, such as rare pets, special items, and bonuses.


  • Collect over 99 unique pets
  • Upgrade your pets by feeding them food and equipping them with items
  • Participate in mini-games to earn extra coins and rewards
  • Explore a vast new world